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I work on multimodal Deep learning techniques with segmentation, classification, and GAN to assess eyelid (and get ophthalmologist grade accuracy). My second project determines the velocity of red blood cells from a single snapshot of an image from 2-photon optical setup based on physical property and ML+CV technique. I have also experienced/involved in different optical development projects, including diffraction Microscopy, confocal Microscopy, light sheet, and 2-photon Microscopy.

I completed the Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering where I spent most of the time in competitive programming and built a solid platform in Algorithm & Data structure. In addition to academic curricular, I also learnt different programming language, web development, iOS app development, and machine learning.

Contact Details

Ripon Kumar Saha
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Buk-gu, Gwangju, South Korea
+82 010-3141 2662


Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

Master student with RA in Neurophotonics Lab September 2018 - August 2020

My current lab mainly focuses on solving current outstanding problems using state-of-the-art neurophotonics technology. My work is based on computational image analysis based on biomedical images, and testing different ML algorithms, model optimization & developing new models.

Relevant Coursework:

  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Advanced Deep Learning
  • Algorithm
  • Fast.ai Mooc 2019
  • CNN (Stanford Online)
  • The Ancient Secrets of Computer Vision (UW online - ongoing)
  • Deep Learning Specialization (By Coursera - ongoing)

Jashore University of Science and Technology

B.S.C. Degree in Computer Science & Engineering February 2012 - December 2016

For thesis, I designed real-time Earliest deadline first algorithm with Relatively Greater Power Efficiency and Low Deadline Miss Ratio. I have also Completed various projects including Bengali language speaker in C#, Assignment maker in C++, and OpenGL GUI game of bubble shooter.


Currently, my research interest includes ML-based computer vision, Computational Photography, Model Designing & Optimization, Stereo Vision & Bioinformatics. So, I'm representing relevant skill:-

Tensorflow 2
SciPy : Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, IPython
CV: OpenCV, Pillow
Natural Language Processing
Origin Pro, GraphPad
CV papers Reading
Computational Optics & Microscopy


My Achievement includes:

  • 1st place in BuildwithAI Hackathon [4,000+ participants, 300+submission, 70+ countries].
  • 1st Runners-up in the National Math Olympiad Bangladesh. [5400 participants].
  • Champion within 6 districts in the Regional math olympiad.
  • Received South Korean Government Scholarship for MS.
  • Rated “Specialist” in Contest Programming Platform Codeforces.


Mejor projects I have worked on:

  • Multimodal Deep learning architecture with GAN impainting and encoder-decoder based network for segmentation and qualitative analysis of Meibomian Gland [achieved better performance than Ophthalmologist]
  • Single snapshot blood speed detection with the physics-based property.
  • Image analysis to detect blood glucose from a contact lens.
  • Developing “Abbe Diffraction microscopy,” “Confocal microscopy.”
  • Dark image denoiser with memory optimization.
  • Construct 3D structure from multiple viewport images based on own created dataset with camera calibration.
  • Construct All in-focus images from multiple defocused images.
  • Time series Media bias & sentiment on COVID-19 [twitter scraping data with BERT].


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Get In Touch.

If you want to connect me, you can seme me an email here. If you want to connect me, you can seme me an email here. I'm open to new research/project ideas. I like to connect people interested in computer vision, deep learning, and computational photography. If you need any quick help/advice/consultation regarding your custom computer vision project, I'll be happy to provide guidance.